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Who Makes a Volvo Radio?

Athough not all of them are listed, here is a list of Volvo radios. Included are how many digits it takes to unlock or activate the radio as well as whether or not it has an Eeprom or some other form of storing data, etc.

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Fix your own Volvo fuel relay

If your engine isn’t getting the proper amount of fuel, especially as the temperature dips, it could be your fuel pump relay. The solder joints in the relay itself tends to shrink and crack rending the relay non-funcional. This thread tells you where to find the relay and how to resolder the joints and change the capacitors in the relay. You can avoid buing the expensive Volvo fuel pump relay if you follow the instructions here!

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Volvo 850 Sunroof Headliner Repair

My sunroof shade headliner material had come unglued to the point where it just hung down and hit me in the head if I closed the sunroof shade. Being creative, I shoved the whole mess back into the cover slot and kept the shade open. I think this may be a common problem with many Volvos since I see many of them in this condition.

This is largely a duplication of a Bay 13 post but I picked up a few more tricks and couple of got-yas.