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The New Volvo S90

Volvo News & Repairs

After a monumentally, excruciatingly long run with only one major update, the Volvo S80 will be replaced next year by an all-new model named the S90. Volvo S90 facts: It’s based on Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture, the same platform used for the new XC90 The largest engine it will have is a 4-cylinder, but higher… Read the full article…


MVS Forums member Yehuda explains how he fixed the ETM on his 2001 S60. This should be similar or identical to all P2 Volvos with the Magnetti Marelli module. ETM SOFTWARE RELOAD did work, now the car is stable at idle, does Not shake and gives good pedal feedback, well it’s EVEN BETTER than before… Read the full article…

V70, S70, XC70 Door Vinyl Fix

Volvo News & Repairs

This is a write up of my solution to the ugly door panels that the 98-00 Volvo’s suffer from. It may not be for everyone and improvements to this method are welcome and wanted.

Many of us have this in our cars.

The manufacturing process failed to completely adhere the vinyl to the foam in a few places and when the vinyl began to shrink from heat and age, it pulled away from the contours of the panel and the foam glued to the fiberboard.

2007-2011 Used C70 What Do I Look For?

Volvo News & Repairs

Look for the service records in the documentation in the glove box. If there is not any walk away or offer a lowball price (especially if it was serviced by anybody who was not a Volvo specialist – i.e. jiffy lube). Any Volvo that has been properly serviced should last 200K without any too much trouble. Every model does have its quirks but they are usually easy fixes. The 2010+ engines (maybe earlier) have coil on spark plug and that could be a blessing or a curse. Matthew has a great repository here on 90’s and early 2000’s but anything less than 10 years old has little or no documentation but his database is growing. I had a ’96 850 that ran for 15 years and 185K miles until it was killed by a Ford LTD that ran a light.

Which XC90 To Buy?

Volvo News & Repairs

Ever wonder which 2006+ XC90 to buy… inline 3.2 6-cylinder or V8? We break it down with input from owners. Q haven`t been on the site in a while but now that my trusted manual 2004 v70 t5 had a close encounter with the rear bumper of a tractor trailer combination I am in the market for… Read the full article…