Parking Brake Shoe Making Noise


MrAl, MVS Volvo Forum member, asks about brake noise while driving his 1998 Volvo V70. Neil, MVS Moderator abscate, Erik and many others show him how to diagnose the cause of the brake noise.

One of the rear wheels on this vehicle is making a rubbing noise especially when the brake is applied. I have been told it is because the rotor is ‘rusty’ and it needs replacement.

My question is, how hard is it to replace the rotor?

I have done about 10 brake jobs in the past on various vehicles but they were all on brake drum systems, not brake discs. How much harder is it to work on a brake disc system?

Are there any little replacement parts that should also be replaced , I remember little springs that were replaced on several brake drum systems, that came in a kit, and it was a good idea to replace them although not mandatory, so anything like that for the discs ?

1998 V70 Rear Wheel Rotor Replacement