PCV is Completely Clean but Still Smokes

Did the PCV cleaning today, first time for everything!!

It’s completely clean, no gunk what so ever, however I am getting the white gunk on the tip of the oil dipstick, watery condensation drops along the dipstick tube, and white smoke out of the dipstick when warm.

What else could it be???? Blown HG? The car had overheated and I had my indie pressure test the coolant system, he found two small leaks but said he thought that was why it was losing coolant slowly. However I don’t want to drop $$ into the car until I know it’s not the HG…this kind of worries me that the PCV system is fine but still getting gunk, smoke, etc.!!




iis4isaac » I saw this and thought I’d also just throw my $0.02 in.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a bad radiator could also account for some milkshake in your oil or smoke out of your exhaust by allowing the oil/coolant to mix inside the radiator. 

A compression test on each cylinder will tell you if you have a bad head. I’d cross your fingers for a radiator. 

I didn’t see what year model you have, but it’s much easier to swap a radiator than replace a headgasket. My biggest headache was getting the car up high enough to drop the radiator out.

PCV is Completely Clean but Still Smokes

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