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Peeling Pillar Trim Fix – Double Sided Tape!

double sided tape solves a vexing peeling pillar trim problem

MVS Moderator MadeInJapan shows us how to fix peeling pillar trim with double sided tape. It’s a simple yet brilliant solution. Like the famous DIY for interior door trim, it’s another in a long line of inexpensive fixes to make our Volvos look like new again.

I have been racking my brain on how to fix these. Apparently the only “true” fix is to take them off and to an upholstery shop and let them recover them- or you could get the earlier plastic pieces from a donor car. At least that’s what I had been told. But I think I found the fix. And it’s not that hard. First you have to buy a roll of this stuff.

If you’ve never removed the a-pillar trim pieces it’s a piece of cake– Make sure your car is turned off and the key is out of the ignition. There are airbag curtains under the a-pillars. Now, just pull from the top of the pieces towards the middle of the car and they come lose. Just be aware that there is a plastic strap about 5-6 inches down from the top that you’ll need to retain…it twists 180 degrees to release from the metal slot that it attaches to on the body of the car. Putting it back is the same as the removal, just in reverse. The strap is there to keep the a-pillar trim from hitting you if/when the air curtain deploys.

Next, you remove your a-pillar pieces and actually peel back the material so they are even in the amount of material that is loose from the pieces that they are glued to. Next, you peel off a length of the double sided duct tape to match your loose material and attach the tape to the pillar piece so that at least an inch hangs over the side of the a-pillar trim. Next, you peel off the blue paper cover of the tape and then stretch the material over the sticky part of the tape and make sure it’s secure and without any wrinkles. Stretch it as much as possible- it is fine if it protrudes beyond the edge of the trim piece…in fact, that would be nice if they did. After this, roll the tape over the edge and under the pillar piece and attach it securely. Last of all, get your iron and ironing board out and gently iron the material (no steam) so that it is perfectly adhered to the tape. Don’t over-do this last step- you’ll see when the material starts to change shape. What we’re trying to do here at the same time as get the material to really adhere to the tape is to get rid of any lines that the tape might have created under the material. You might have a faint line left but that’s okay…it’s a trade-off for this repair and still beats the heck out of the flappy material that you had before. I think that this tape is sticky enough (really sticky) and adheres so well that the material is not going to be coming off of it ever again- I guess time will tell. Next, re-attach the A-pillar trim pieces with the fixed cloth and enjoy!!

Peeling Pillar Trim Fix – Double Sided Tape!


Pulled the pillar covers off. Pulled abt 1/2 in. of extra material from all sides of the loosened area. Then used a light application of 3M spray adhesive. Be sure to cover surrounding area under and around the pillar for overspray unless you want stuff sticking to other stuff. Rolled loose material back onto pillar with thumbs gently and evenly across loosened area. There’s a little wiggle room/time if misapplied but 1st time placement is best. Simply pull material up and off the pillar and replace. I did this 6 months ago in the summer and it is almost perfect.

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