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Perfect Stop Brakes Review

We have a discussion happening today in the Volvo forum about these Perfect Stop brakes (remanufactured). They're not getting high grades. Too many defects.

perfect stop brakes

This might be one you want to avoid.

We have a discussion happening right now in the Volvo forum about Perfect Stop brakes (remanufactured). Neil bought them for his 2000 V70 R, and couldn’t install them because of (re) manufacturing defects.


Well all I can say is it is the worst piece of junk I have seen sold as a re-manufactured brake caliper. The piston is a rusty old piston that has been crudely buffed on the top and the interior of the piston is full of deep rust. They have used the cheapest of slider pins to hold the bracket to the caliper. They have been driven in so hard that they have rounded the internal hex heads. I’m guessing it was maybe a 1/4″ rather than a 6 or 7mm hex as neither of the metric ones fitted. The 7mm was too large and the 6mm just turned. I tried jamming a 1/4″ Allen key in to the pin but could not get it to loosen no matter how hard I tried and it felt like it was about to round. Finally they have painted it in a fashion with a cheap black paint which has come off in many places or has been scraped off in manufacture.

Perfect Stop Brakes Review


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