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Plan for in-car valve stem seals and camshaft seals replacement

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No More Blue Smoke

My main source for genuine Volvo parts was Darryl Waltrip Volvo. Since they are not shipping parts anymore, I suggest When I’m putting in way more hours than dollars, I will not cheap out on parts. I also use FCP Groton, IPD and They’re all great.

For tools

  • Schley universal valve spring compressor
  • Cheap source for common tools
  • I fabricated or improvised these (more details in the write-up):
  • Serpentine belt tensioner insert/adaptor for 1/2″ ratchet
  • Camshaft seal drivers (front/rear)

Parts Needed

  • Valve stem seals (20, plus 4 extra; did not end up needing extras)
  • Extra valve spring keepers (4) (did not end up needing any)
  • Gasket compound (used genuine Volvo)
  • Cam seals (2 front, 2 rear)
  • Since this was my 160K timing service as well: timing belt, tensioner, tensioner pulley, idler pulley, water pump w/gasket and new water-pump bolts.
  • Spark plug O-rings
  • Motor oil
  • Coolant (might as well drain/flush/fill the cooling system)
  • Assembly grease

Other Tools Needed (besides normal tools)

  • Short nap paint roller for gasket
  • Strap wrench or spanner for holding cam sprockets in place while loosening/tightening bolts
  • Bin or bins with at least 20 compartments for valve lifters; or some other way to keep track of where they go
  • Suitable rope for use in cylinders
  • Valve stem seal removal pliers (ebay); you could probably figure out a way to pull the seals without this; they’re not all that hard to get to and it doesn’t take much force to pull them.
  • 11mm deep metric socket for stem seal install
  • White marker (for marking belts/sprockets)—used Sharpie “metallic” type.

1996 Volvo 850, 160K miles, with high oil consumption, high hydrocarbons in the California smog test, and, in addition to occasional stinkiness, the dreaded blue cloud upon rev after 10-minute warm idle

In-car valve stem seals replacement, Volvo 850

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