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PNP Removal, Cleaning, Installation, Alignment

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This is a write up for the removal, cleaning, installation and alignment of the PNP switch on a 1996 854, I’m pretty sure other year 850’s as well as s/v70’s are very similar if not identical.

Part 1: PNP Removal (split)


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6 thoughts on “PNP Removal, Cleaning, Installation, Alignment

  1. Please help. I have a volvo s60 T2.0 auto on 2005. My car goes on a safe mode and a p0700 code show that a PNP is faulty. Any one had similar issues please?

  2. P0705 – Transmission Range Sensor Circuit (PRNDL Input) light, on my 1996 Volvo – the range sensor will not allow me to smog the car

  3. Sean Coleman says:

    thank you soo much for this. my 1996 volvo 850 glt was shifting erratically off and on. i had read a lot about the pnp switch. after doing several fluid changes and the same thing was happening i decided to do the pnp switch thing. i have hardly any car mechanic skills. i followed these instructions and pictures and sure enough it was the cure! my car is shifting without any problems now. i did sand/grind down the copper points of contact because they looked black. the shiny new copper surface is really making contact now! anyways thank you for this it only cost me 10 bucks in materials and about 4 hours of work. you did a very good job of explaining.
    thanks again!
    -Sean C.

  4. Lawrence Konicke says:

    My mistake you did have the two tabs on the electrical box in your tutorial for some reason that page didn’t print … I missed it somehow so my apologies… Cheers…

  5. Lawrence Konicke says:

    Awesome tutorial… Just replaced pnp switch on my 1996 850. Just one thing I want to note. When you split the electrical box up into three there are two tabs that must be lifted or broken off to allow you to pull the connectors out while using channel locks and a small pocket knife to move that blue tab inside. You’ll never pull the connectors out without popping those two tabs… You may want to add that to this tutorial. Thank you for posting you saved me a few hundred on this repair. BTW I’ve had my 850 for 11 years… GREAT CAR….

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