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POLL: What Helps MPG?

What Helps MPG?

Almost five years ago, MVS Contributor dan777 started a poll in the MVS forums and asked What Helps MPG? Almost 300 votes later across 30 poll choices, here are the MPG poll results

Everybody is trying to save gas those days, so would be nice to share what it helped increasing your MPG.
Please choose what it really made a difference for you (obvious factors like: wind, road grade, driving style are not in the list).

ecbsykes’s MPG advice:

-Installed Cone filter (Amsoil Ea)
-Installed Snabb performance air intake
-Removed resonator, replaced muffler with performance Magnaflow
-Volvo Spark Plugs
-IPD HD Ignition Coils
-New MAF
-Removed bevel gear
-Removed roof rack cross bars
-Tires to 40 PSI

RSPI’s MPG advice:

This is what I have done that I think helps me get good mileage:
– Run tire pressure 2 psi high.
– Installed K & N box filter.
– Use full synthetic oil.
– Use 93 (91+) octane.
– Use a scan gauge to change driving habbits.
– Do not let the car sit and warm up. Never recommended and a big waste of gas amoung other things.
– Use OEM plugs. They simply are the best. Most high quality plugs will cost you 1 to 3 mpg, some cost as much as 4 mpg.
– Slow down on the highway, especially on trips shorter than 50 miles. The time difference between going 55 mph and 70 mph is about 2 or 3 minutes on a 15 mile highway trip. However, that will cost you 25% in gas usage. Over a year that could be hundreds of dollars. I get 33 mpg at 55 mph and 26 mpg at 70 mph.

What did improve the fuel economy for you?

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Biggest factor in MPG, right foot control, stay off the boost

My 04 c70 hpt gets 29mpg or better all day long, then I switch driving with wife, and 19avg or worse.
But the gas pedal is the fun button, why have it if your not going to use it?

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