S60 Poly Top Engine Mount

I have an’04 S60 and just replaced the top mount with the polyurethane mount from IPD. They warn of more vibration but couldn’t believe how much worse the vibration is. Think I’m going to swap this back out for the OEM style mount. Before I do I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem and cured it by replacing other mounts?

Poly Top Engine Mount

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  1. I have an 02 S60 Base 2.4 and I purchased the poly mounts from IPD and Evolve and had the vibration problems as well. It was so bad that I did go back to the OEM as well. They do now make a reinforced moun t since the original one wore out and tore too quickly. So when you get the new one make sure it is the one that is square and reinforced with some kind of metal. The poly mounts just transfer too much energy, you will not find a mount besides OEM that takes away the extremely irritating vibrations.
    Good luck.

  2. I did the same. My wife’s 2001 S60 had I worn out upper engine mount. I replaced it with a IPD poly. Thing vibrated like crazy. “Maybe it will weaken with age” NOPE. I tried loosening and tightening the pinch bolt, little difference. I finally replaced it with a rubber (OE style) mount. IIRC I got it from AutoEverything for cheap. Pressed it in the aluminum mount, life is good.

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