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Prep work for a vehicle in storage?

Have a vehicle in storage?

– Condensation might accumulate where it would be cooked off with occasional running. Usually this isn’t a problem except some minor surface corrosion, but it can accumulate in the oils where it will degrade the fluids. I would suggest an oil and tranny fluid change.

– Rubber may get some dry rot and become brittle simply from age. Check hoses, etc.

– Some rubber seats may take a bit of a “set” under long term load. Essentially the elastomer deforms under load and after a very long time relaxes toward the new shape. This could cause some clunky bushings (unlike simply worn). Spring seats etc may have a biut of this.

– greased areas will have accumulated and collected airborn dust and gotten gummy and need cleaning and a relube. Look at arease like door hinges and latches.

Prep work for a vehicle that’s been in storage?

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