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Preventing Cold Weather Problems on our Volvos

Experiencing Cold Weather Problems?

frozen ice on Volvo 850

Just yesterday my 850’s side mirrors froze in place. Wouldn’t move. But that was my only complaint, and I didn’t actually spend the 40 seconds it would have taken to investigate or free them. The rest of the car worked fine, including the outside temp gauge which read “0” Fahrenheit at 2pm in Denver yesterday. And the seat warmer.

After she was warm, she pulled like a banshee when I had dry pavement and no traffic. All that cold makes the air molecules move more slowly, making air denser, which makes more power in our engines.

I have new 10W-30 semi-synth/filter in her. Coolant flushed in Fall 2007, which was only 12k-ish miles ago.

Thanks for the tips, guys. If this cold streak doesn’t snap, I’ll take you up on those. Problem is, Denver and all of Colorado usually gets just as hot as it was cold not long after the fact :-D.

(I still have the thermostat from my 850 Thermostat Replacement back in 2002, so I’m asking for trouble there.)

It’s currently 14 degrees BELOW zero here in Denver, Colorado (Matthew1 can vouch for that) and I’m concerned about my 850. Haven’t started it yet but for my future reference, what suggestions can you offer to prevent engine/cooling related issues with this type of bitterly cold weather? (example gas line anti-freeze, etc..)

Suggestions on preventing cold weather issues on our Volvos

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