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Questions on 2001 Transmission Failure

Have you had a 2001 Transmission Failure ?

Within the chassis range, the first 3 digits of the serial number on the affected transmissions are between 01C (March 2001) and 01L (December 2001).

IPD suggests a software update (regent noted above) before replacing the B4 Servo Cover.

We have a 2000 V70 with a 5 speed AW55-50SN transmission that was built in 2000 ( I think it was July) . The B4 servo cover was bent and we had the 2-3 shift flare problem.

We had the software update done then had the cover replaced. The trans is not perfect but seems to be adapting after a battery cable pull.

BTW I would NOT be placing a Swepco trans oil anywhere near the AW55-50. It is not JS-3309 (or Toyota IV) specced.
It may be OK to use this in the AW50-42 which uses Dex III compatible oil.

Questions on 2001 transmission failure (planning ahead!)

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