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Rare: 850 Heated REAR Seats From the Factory?

Let’s talk Heated REAR Seats

I recall the rear seat heaters being a $300 option when we ordered the car.

Our car sort of has an interesting history. When we decided we were going to buy an 850, we couldn’t agree on color (me white, wife red) so we let our 3-year-old choose (black). The car will be his now that he is getting his license.

Of the four Volvos we’ve owned, we like the 850 best (though the 740 Turbo wagon was also an awesome car). The factory sport chassis makes a big difference (stiffer springs and fatter sway bars) and we’ve never missed the turbo with the manual transmission. Also, we had had problems with the unit on the 740 Turbo and were somewhat hesitant to buy another turbo. Since the 850 T was not available in US spec with a manual transmission when we ordered it, it was not an option for us.

Read about MVS Forum user Findude’s very unique Volvo 850 and how he bought it. Or read the Volvo 850 Forum thread about heated rear seats from the beginning. It’s one of the most interesting 850 threads I’ve ever seen here.

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