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Replace the evaporator in an 850

volvo 850 evaporator

Want to replace the evaporator in an 850? Here’s a downloadable PDF with a step-by-step tutorial and photos by MVS member Chuck:

Here’s the documented results of the recent evaporator replacement I performed on my 1997 850GLT wagon. I went into the job intending to create this “how-to” guide, since almost everything I found out on the ‘net was lacking in some aspect. I took around 50 photos, and netted them down to the ones that ended up in this PDF.

The repair took me about 12 hours to complete. I hope these instructions can help others…I have a feeling that most of these cars have already had the evap job done by now, but there may be some stragglers out there (like me) who can benefit from this.

Anyway…enjoy…and let me know what you think.

MVS Forum Member egornygr added:

Great guide! I wish I had that last summer when I did the job.

FYI – I recall using many configurations/lengths of torx bits & also several brands of the plastic line disconnection tools as many broke trying to set that connection free.

evaporator replacement tutorial - Volvo 850

Click here for the evaporator replacement info

P.S. I went the PDF route because I figure that most people will need to print this and keep it nearby while doing the repair. It should print out looking a lot like a ‘repair manual’ style layout.

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