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Replace Volvo Exhaust Manifold – DIY Basics

Need to replace exhaust manifold on your Volvo? MVS Forums Contributor JimBee gets the ball rolling on advice for DIY’ers who are considering replacing exhaust manifold.

I’m looking at purchasing a new manifold due to a leaky flex joint and would like to tackle it myself but I’d like to know where I’m most likely to get stuck so I have a plan of attack.


The one time I’ve actually replace exhaust manifold from an 850 n/a I remember the two lower bolts of the heat collector. That was a donor car that I was stripping so there was no need for finessing. I think I finally just ripped it out. Memory of details is vague as that was 5 years ago.

What’s hardest part of changing exhaust manifold?

Post by cn90 » Fri Dec 06, 2013 8:43 am

I replaced the Exhaust Manifold a few years ago, I wrote a DIY below: … placement/ … hp?t=40032

1. Brand: I went with Volvo b/c aftermarket was a toss-up.
However, look into “OBX” brand etc.
This is not a job you want to do twice.

Another source is “Swedish auto lamps for less”: … 0459537938

2. The gaskets: use only Volvo gaskets, anything can leak and you will “hear” about it pronto!

3. The bolts @ the manifold, they usually come out without any issues.

4. The 4 bolts at the flex joint:
– Drive the car up some ramps for good clearance.
– Wear goggles!!!
– Spray with some WD-40 and let it sit for a good hour.
– A propane torch (the same stuff plumbers use) is a must, about $12 at hardware store.

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