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Replacing the Rear Main Seal 2000 S40

Need to replace your Rear Main Seal?

Very good write-up with plenty of pictures to help.


Choguy03 wrote:

“After breaking a timing belt and having to rebuild the head, I decided that I should replace the rear main seal. I already have the head and intake/exhaust manifolds removed. I will post pictures after I finish up the job. I started today by removing the CV axles. The best way to do this is to raise the car and pull both front wheels. Remove the drain plug on the tranny pan (ha, that’s funny) and let it drain while you remove both axle nuts (32 mm I believe). Use a strong screw driver to jam in the rotor to hold the axle from turning while removing the nut. Now on to the control arm. Two vertical bolts (17 mm) towards the rear and one horizontal bolt (17 mm bolt, 18 mm nut). You will have to pull the arm down and then the vertical bushing out, away from the car. You can hold the arms up using bungee cords. Once that is done, there is a bracket holding a bearing for the passenger side CV axle. Remove the two bolts (12 mm) and the half circle bracket. Now turn the wheel toward the side you want to remove.This will help you be all to pull the axle out. Now, pulling the rotor toward you, pull the axle arm from the knuckle. It will take some muscle, but it will come. Be sure to keep the axle from extending to prevent damage to the joints. Place a bucket under where the two axles go into the trans and pull them straight out. The driver side axle has a ring that helps hold it into the trans so I used a pry bar to release it. More to come, so stay tuned. Again, I will take pictures this weekend and help put this whole thing together.”


Replacing the Rear Main Seal 2000 S40

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Jose A Coalla says:

I need help in finding the timing mark of the S40 2000 Volvo on the crank gear.

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