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Replacing Volvo Headlight Wiper Blades

Volvo Headlight Wiper Blades

Time to replace your volvo headlight wiper blades? Read on…

Volvo Headlight wiper blades are a hard-to-find item at most auto stores in the US. They have to be ordered or purchased from a dealer – either way they come at a premium price. To remove the volvo headlight wiper blade assembly on a V70, swing out the wiper arm, hold on to the wiper arm and pull back on the blade (from the perspective looking at the wiping tip of the wiper blade).

To remove the blade, take a pair of pliers and slightly bend one side of each retaining clip on the assembly. It should be bent just enough to slide the old blade out. Careful not to damage the clip or bend it too far, the bracket will be reused!

We here at the MVS forums love it when our members share their wisdom with others. MVS Forum Member robert213 is no exception. He provides us some helpful information regarding volvo headlight wiper blades.

On the car, the wiper arms have two grooves. The wiper blades are simply clipped to the arms between these two grooves. You can remove your old wiper blades from the wiper arms with a firm pull and a tug.

The parts dept at Volvo dealerships no longer sells the shorter 850 8 inch volvo headlight wiper blade kit — PN 274432.

  • Wiper Blade, Head Lamp
  • Model Year: 1997
  • Model: 850
  • Part Number: 274432
  • Your Cost: $ 14.83

The parts dept at my local dealership sold me the longer S70 9 inch volvo headlight wiper blades — PN 274435. The box says that they fit any year S/C 70, ’00 V70, and ’94+ 850 Turbo.

  • Wiper Blade, Head Lamp
  • Model Year: 1998
  • Model: S70
  • Part Number: 274435
  • Your Cost: $ 14.95

Replacing Headlight Wiper Blades

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richard levangie says:

IPDUSA has the small wipers (V40 in this case). and many other ‘hard to find” parts as well.

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