Replacing Volvo Speakers: A Complete Guide

Premium Volvo speakers will no doubt enhance your overall enjoyment. The speakers in the current generation XC90 are no exception.

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Check out our guide on replacing your volvo speakers

Premium Volvo speakers will no doubt enhance your overall enjoyment. The speakers in the all new XC90 are no exception. The high-end audio experience centers around a 1,400-watt Harman Class D amplifier and 19 individual speakers, serving as a significant upgrade over the optional 650-watt Volvo Premium Sound System available in the current-generation XC90.

The low-distortion speakers include no less than seven one-inch aluminum tweeters, each paired with a three- or four-inch midrange speaker with Bowers & Wilkins’ characteristic Kevlar cone visible behind the cover. Pairs of 6.5- and eight-inch woofers help fill out the low end, while a ten-inch air-ventilated subwoofer completes the package.

The subwoofer design is claimed to be a potential first in the industry, integrating the speaker into the body of the car rather than containing it in a freestanding box that is bolted to it. The approach is said to improve performance at the extreme low end, all the way down to the bottom of the human hearing range around 20 Hz.

MVS Forum Member Ozark Lee says:

The stereo has sounded like crud since I got the car so I have been, pair by pair, replacing the speakers as I can win them on eBay. I also have the scratchy volume control problem that everyone else seems to have.

During the process of replacing the glove box latch I found I had a speaker magnet setting neatly on the top of the glove box. The only place that could come from is the right hand side tweeter. I popped it out and, sure enough it had fallen off. I popped off the drivers side and its magnet was gone as well. I don’t know where it went but during the odometer repair I couldn’t find it behind the dashboard.

MVS Forum Member DVolvoguy777 adds:

You are right about the glue on these Volvo speakers. It sux. I have seen a couple of threads on Volvospeed and Swedespeed about this issue. They have just used better glue on the magnet and they worked just fine.

This write up on the fix that you did was great. Thanks for the heads up when it comes time for me to change out my speakers.

MVS Forum Member Volgrrr replied:

Hi Ozark Lee,

When putting my glovebox back together (remember I’m the ‘lever down’ instead of ‘lever out’ guy) I accidently dislodged the passenger side air vent.

To get better access to the air vent I removed the dashboard speaker grille, pulled out the speaker and – low and behold – there was the speaker magnet stuck to the top of a relay on such an angle it had actually split the speaker diaphram.


I don’t think the eBay is an option (in Australia you could easily wait for ten years for Volvo speakers to be listed – and I’ll probably be dead and gone by then) so I might have to do something like you’ve done.

Thanks for the excellent report. I’m sure it will be a great help if I decide to go down this path.

Replacing Speakers: A Complete Guide

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