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Reset procedure for SRS

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Reset procedure for SRS

There really isn’t a good “repair type” designation for this but this is the reset procedure for late model 240’s SRS (seatbelt restraint system or airbag) light. This might apply to some 740’s and other RWD Volvo’s as well.


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3 thoughts on “Reset procedure for SRS

  1. Sandra Younkin says:

    My son and I have 2004 S40’s
    Replacing lights all the time.
    Now he has the airbag light on.
    Any ideas how to get it off?

  2. Linda Elliott says:

    My dad has a 2000 Volvo S80T6 Turbo. He has alot of electrical issues..including the notorious “dead battery” issue. He’s taken it to the dealer, and they keep telling him they need to replace the battery..yada yada yada. He had the battery load tested and it is in perfect working order. I’ve looked up Volvo issues such as this one and sent the info. on to him. But, now he has another issue. The “SRS-Airbag Service Urgent” light has come on and stay on all the time. Is there a way to reset this or to find out if there really is a problem? Volvo dealers here in the Quad Cities just play a guessing game if you ask me. Expensive repairs that don’t ever fix the problem. Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance!
    Linda/for my Dad, Dave.

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