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We all know how annoying it can be when a volvo service light on the dashboard refuses to go away, even after just taking your car to the mechanic.


We all know how annoying it can be when a Volvo service light or any other light on the dashboard refuses to go away, even after just taking your car to the mechanic. If you’ve had experience with this issue don’t hesitate offer up some advice.

Volvo 850 Service Light (1993-1995)

  1. There are two diagnostic units(it says A and B on the cover) located adjacent to washer reservoir under the hood. Turn on the ignition and open the module A and insert the flylead into socket 7.
  2. Press the button on the diagnostic unit 4 times, briefly but firmly. Then the LED illuminates and stays illuminated, and the system is ready to accept manual code input. A code number for resetting the service reminder light is 1-5-1. To do this, press the test button once and release it And LED illuminates again.
  3. Then press 5 times and wait for the LED to illuminate.
  4. Press the button once and LED should flashes several times in succession and the reminder should have been reset.
  5. Switch off the ignition and replace the flylead in its holder and close the cover.

I have an S-60 T5 (2002) and the following worked for me…

1. Turn the ignition key to position I.
2. Ensure that the trip display is on T1 and shows some miles (not zero). Press and hold the T1 reset button and wait for the odometer to set to zero.
3. Turn the ignition key to position II, and watch the odometer.
4. When the previously displayed miles reappears, release the trip reset button.

HOWTO: Reset Service Reminder Indicator on 1998-2009 VolvosTuesday, August 25, 2009

Some 1998 and older models require a OBDII service light reset tool. You can probably have it reset for a marginal cost by a local Volvo dealership or Volvo specialty shop that has one of these tools.

1998 Volvo S80 Models

  1. Turn ignition switch to position I
  2. Press and hold the odometer reset button
  3. Turn ignition switch to position II
  4. After Service light flashes, release odometer reset button
  5. Turn ignition off
  6. Turn ignition back on to confirm reset

Service Light Message Reset Procedures

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  1. How can I rese tmy service reminder light on my volvo 2005 v 70 2.5 turbo

    Also reset Bulb Failure Position Lite. I can erase them by pushing the button on the turn signal; but they come back on when I re start.


  2. This worked for me S40, 2008, UK model

    The driver door needs to be open in order for the procedure to work.

    With the driver door open I did the following:

    1. Key to position 1
    2. Press and hold trip reset button
    3. Key to position 2
    4. Watched the orange “I” light on dash. After it started to flash, I waited until after the third flash and let go of the trip reset button. From what I understand, the timing of this is important.

    I shut off the car, closed my driver door and started the car. The maintenance message was reset.

  3. 1. Open car.
    2. Do not put feet on any pedals at any time throughout operation.
    3. The car does not need to be started during reset procedure.
    4. Insert Electronic key.
    5. Press and hold instrument panel odometer for 10 secs until single bleep and continue to hold down.
    6. Press and hold start button 10 seconds until bleep and release.
    7. Release odometer.
    8. Press Start button to confirm.
    9. Remove electronic key.

    Volvo V70 2007 – current electronic ignition system (fob key)

    This should have reset service interval display ‘time for service maintenance’.

    It should now read ‘You have no messages’

    As I did this dozens of times in different computations, I may have slightly muddled 6 & 7.

    Your pretty close with this formula though. Done it three times now successfully.

  4. I have a 2001 S-80 2.9L Volvo that always give me trouble with the ECU software. how can I reset the software by myself because it waste of time and money to re-downloading the software. any help or instruction from Volvo expert so I can do it myself? thank you very much.

  5. I have a 2006 C70 T5, i’m trying to reset the message ” Time for regular service” because i’ve already replaced the timing belt. Does anyone know how to reset this messeage.

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