Restore Your Seats… Perfectly

MVS Volvo Forums member E Showell shows us how to restore seats the right way: “The leather on the side bolster just near the kidney had gone through to the foam on my driver’s seat. The bottom was starting to get a bit dodgy as well.Volvo restored leather seat

After striking out on finding suitable replacement seats in the local pick ‘n pull, I opted for the Elwood Industries replacement seat covers. The black although not an exact match to my dark charcoal, is practically speaking, so close as to be virtually unnoticeable as a different color. I opted to let my local upholstery shop put the covers on which they did for $125 (which I thought pretty reasonable given that I live in a very high cost part of the country). My upholstered praised the quality of Bob’s kit and it looks and feels pretty darn good. I’ll see if I can figure out how to get some before/after pics up. (Or I’ll ask Matthew to do the dirty work).

“Shipped to my door, I believe the seat back and bottom covers came to about $445.”

Replaced Driver’s Leather Seat Cover — 98 V70

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