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Volvo 850 roadtrip? Read This.

Comments, suggestions and advice on what to do before you leave on a long trip in a Volvo with high miles, and perhaps one that is not in the best condition.

“I’m thinking of a road trip to Toronto from Minneapolis, which is about 1,600 miles round trip. I’ve owned the 850 for about 30 months and apart from a frozen caliper problem have had no crippling events (knock on wood). But I haven’t taken it on a long trip and realize if I got stuck out there hundreds of miles from home I’d probably have to give it away. What do others think? Go or forget it?”

Should I Try a Long Roadtrip in my 850?

zhenya » In general, a long highway trip is far less hard on a car than daily driving around town. I drove the 1982 Honda Accord I bought in college for $500 over 100k miles, including at least 3 round trips between Seattle and NY. Only major issue I ever had was losing 5th gear. Anyhow, the point being that given the ability to spend some time, and at least a little bit of money, you should be able to repair anything that happens on the road. I would recommend a AAA membership, which can save you several hundred dollars in towing fees should anything happen, and if you get the more complete memberships, give you enough distance to have some choice as to where to take it. Good luck!

vjaneczko » If you can knock-out anything related to Stage Zero and tackle any scheduled maintenance tasks (if you’re doing the water pump, you’re doing the timing belt, right?) then you should be able to ride in comfort knowing it should be hassle-free.

I’d also check the brakes and suspension, just to be sure. If the suspension is old, I’d think 1,600 miles would wear on your backside ‘right quick’ so if you can manage the $$ and time for the FCP suspension kit, I’d get that installed.

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