S60 LED Tail lights upgrade

Supergrunged » Here’s the LED Tail Lights I did. Been on the car year and a half now:

To start off, I am not liable for any damage you do to your own lights trying to do this yourself.

As promised, here’s least what I did to make LED lights, something cool anyways…… The grey wire on the harness is your positive, and the yellow is your negative, least on my 05 R. I am currently still trying to figure out the resistor, as the bulbs tested at 1.5ohms. So this is still in progress. I also have to redo the passenger side to match now.

So, to start, I removed the 4 10mm nuts, and removed the rear light.
I took a heat gun, and cracked open the sucker! In later revisions, I used a heat knife. This takes a lot or patience, and you may risk cracking parts of the plastic. There are other ways to open the tail lights as needed.

FYI. I never care, and just do what I like, my car isn’t perfect, and never will be. But crack the sucker, throw in some 30mm LED strips, drill it out for the wires, and glue back the edges. Again, I used super glue, where guaranteed some troll is gonna say I’m wrong, but this is what I did. Will use silicone later to fix the cracks, o well. Slap on, wire in, and enjoy! You will get a CANBUS message, but I am in the process of figuring out how to fix this. I am wiring these off my “Position lights”, as I removed the bulbs.
Finally tackled the CANBUS errors at a later date with a decent Resistor that actually works from Morimoto.

LEDs used

Load resistor used


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