S60 Preventive Maintenance Parts

What do you propose for S60 Preventive Maintenance Parts? Focus on something - weak point/part of the engine/tranny?

S60 Preventive Maintenance Parts

MVS Forums member zoli_m13 found a good 2001 S60, and he had questions on what to do to keep it running well. This topic closely shadows Stage 0.

So, I found this S60 2.0T A/T at a VOLVO mechanics; this car (called ‘Ludwick’) has great service records and well maintained in the past, e.g. timing set, serpentine belt and pulley(s), suspension, properly changed engine and tranny oils; no rust found anywhere. Good shaped car & runs very well; the 5 cylinder with auto tranny sounds excellent at acceleration! Cruising is like a dream…

I will do a starting service:

– 6 L engine oil (Castrol Magnatec 5W40, fully synthetic ACEA A3/B3)
– oil filter (Hengst)
– air filter (Hengst)
– cabin filter (Kiak)
– oil sump bolt and o-ring
– fuel filter (Denckemann)
– spark plugs (Bosch 0242235749)

2001 S60 Any preventive maintenance proposal?