Replace Coolant & Radiator Hoses 1998 S70 GLT

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DIY Turbo Coolant Hoses, 2 Radiator Hoses

MVS Volvo Forums member extraordinaire CN90 writes a beautiful DIY for how to replace a 1998’s coolant hoses and radiator .

This is strictly preventive maintenance:

  • The turbo coolant hose was bulging and about explode any time.
  • The lower radiator hose is leaking at the radiator side.
  •  Since i am replacing the turbo coolant hose, I may as well replace both radiator hoses.


  • Lower radiator hose part # 9470409 for turbo (N/A different pn); About $35 at dealer.
  • Upper radiator hose  part # 1335433, about $15 at dealer.
  • Turbo coolant inlet hose  part # 6842190, about $8 at dealer.

DIY: Replace S70 GLT Coolant and Radiator 

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