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Project: How To S80 2001 T6 Spark Plug Replacement

vegasjetskier wrote:
Here’s how to replace the spark plugs in your 2001 T6. I got my genuine Volvo plugs from IPD for $52.

I know there are some cheaper plugs out there, but with the amount of work this entails I decided to go with the real deal so I won’t have to do it over (hopefully) in the near future.

S80 2001 T6 Spark Plug Replacement Tools

  1. T-25 Torx bit (get this ahead of time because you won’t get anywhere without it).
  2. 10mm socket.
  3. Socket extension.
  4. Ratchet wrench.
  5. Torque wrench.
  6. 5/8″ Spark Plug socket.
  7. New plug set.
  8. Anti-seize lubricant.
  9. Shotgun cleaning kit (optional).
  10. Flat bit screwdriver.
  11. Needle-nosed pliers.
  12. Disc brake cleaner.
  13. Rags or paper towels.Start by opening the hood. Here’s what you will see. You need to remove all of the plastic turbo tubes that run across the top of the engine.

S80 engine bay
S80 engine bay

Remove the cover over the connector on the side of the intake hose by releasing the plastic catches and lifting up on the top from the front.

Separate the two cover halves and remove them. Push in on the metal retention clip on the electrical connector, then pull the connector out towards the front of the car. You may need to wiggle it a little:

Still getting to the t6 spark plug wires - S80
Getting to the t6 spark plugs – S80

Pull the aluminum tube out of its connector:

Still getting to the t6 spark plug wires - S80
Still getting to the spark plugs – S80

Loosen all the clamps on the air tubes. I just slid them back over the flanges and tightened them gently so they wouldn’t get lost. You don’t want them sliding down the aluminum turbo tubes because they can be tough to get back into position. Be sure to loosen the clamp holding the Compressor Bypass Valve return hose and remove the hose from the bottom of the intake tube:

S80 2001 T6 Spark Plug Replacement – How To

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