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How to reset that annoying S80 TIME FOR REGULAR SERVICE MESSAGE without having to go to a dealer.

When your Volvo hits a preset number of miles or a calculated threshold of duty cycles (starts) and other variables, the message “TIME FOR REGULAR SERVICE” appears in your dash message center. Here’s how to turn that off.

Most modern Volvo service reset reminder procedure looks the same. After changing oil, filters and inspecting safety systems in your Volvo , you can easily reset service reminder indicator or message with a simple button combination.

Volvo S80 service light reset procedure

  1. Insert ignition key and turn to position I.
  2. Push in the odometer reset stalk and hold it in.
  3. Turn the ignition key to position II. Continue to hold the odometer reset stalk in. After a few seconds the Volvo Service light will begin to flash.
  4. Release the odometer reset button.

Different Model Years = Mixed Reset Results

MVS Forum Member __CJ__1 replied:

Well,i’m glad it worked on your car but no such luck on my s80-2003.
Tried more than 5-6 times and nothing,it keeps throwing me back to the message.Maybe there’s something wrong,after the beep , 045 is showing ,than I switched to position 2 and same…. regular Volvo service required.Frustrating,after all a trip to dealer might be needed.
Thanks for the advice thou. 😉

MVS Forum Member Zap added:

A “Beep” is heard as soon as I turned the key to position II and once I released the reset button, 045 shown on the display and the “time for regular volvo service” return as soon as I started the engine… any idea? Guess I need to go back to the dealer? Any help is appreciated. >_<

MVS Forum Member Lotus seven asks:

OK I have read all the posts relating to this problem of trying to reset the Volvo service notice and then getting an 045 code and the service message remains but no one has solved it yet. I to am getting this same message. I have just completed a full Volvo service and want to reset the service message. I have done everything that has been suggested on these forums but with no luck Surely by now someone on this site must have come up with an answer that works. I was contemplating buying an ODB2 reader. Does anyone know if this would assist or do I have to take the car to a Volvo main dealer to sort this out. I am running an 03 V70 T5.

S80 T6 2001 Service Light Reset How To


Ineed help in reset the s80volvo ,service light

Reset maintanance time 2011 S80 Volvo

Press the start button and release quickly. Press and hold the trip odometer. Do not let go. Press the start button again until all of the dash lights come on. Release start button. Look for the “triangle” warning lamp to flash 3 times. When it does, release the trip button. You should be good to go.

Pierre André
(904) 396-5486

dear all
I had d same service light on once engine started and off after some distance drove.
so,here what i did was:
1-get in to d car and close door
2-push & hold odmeter
3-turn key to position 1 for 3 second
4-turn key to position 2 for 5 second..don’t let go odometer con’t ..
5-service light will blinks three times
6-stat the engine
7-let go odometer
8-engine started,service light shall be off

..once tried will do otherwise keep trying just like wht i did earlier.
..for others warning indication may too be reset by plug key to position 1,push & hold odometer,beep sound twice ,turn key to position 2 ,let go odometer ,start engine ,indication off.

Cheers and good luck
Andy from Malaysia

Ralph Higginbotham says:

On resetting the maintanance light on a Volvo S60 (2006 & 2007): After trying several methods listed on several different sites and becoming very frustrated because it didn’t work, the following method worked first time in less than 15 seconds:
push and hold trip meter 1, start the engine while continuing to hold until the yellow triangle flashes, release the trip meter and stop the engine. WORKS EVERY TIME!!

Wow David you saved me couple green by posting this light reset steps Thank a bunch!!

Recently I had the pleasure of buying a 1999 S 80 I love that car! My problem is that I did n’t get a radio with the car, so I located and bought all the parts to make the stock radio fit the dash, except one, the small storage compartment on the left side of the radio, anyone know where I can find that last part. thanks

david williams says:

To reset your service light here are the steps.

1. Get in your car and shut the door.
2. Put your key in the ignition
3. Turn your ignition key to position 1
4. Push in your Odometer reset button and hold it in while holding it move the ignition key to position 2 while holding down the odometer reset button.
5. After couple of seconds of holding the button down and the key in position 2 your service light will start to blink once that happens let go of the reset button and start the car.

This should reset your service light and a service light on your Volvo C/S/V70 cars from 1999 onwards.

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