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Volvo news - newsletter September 2017

Welcome to the September 2017 MVS Newsletter!

1. The new XC40 – info here
2. Volvo Hearse!
3. Polestar tunes
4. Another 850 smashed
5. How do you lower an S60?
6. Abscate replaces his V70’s clutch, curses
7. XC90 V8 starting/running problems
8. Factory lowered suspension on Volvo 850s?
9. QOTM and QOTM2

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1. The new XC40 – it’s Volvo’s littlest SUV, and being small it’s called a CUV – Compact Utility Vehicle. It joins big brother XC60, which has been around since 2009, and big big brother XC90, which debuted in 2003.

2. If you missed it, here’s a Volvo Hearse!

3. Polestar tunes (increased engine power) go back as far as some 2005 Volvo Models (2005 S80 for instance). I was surprised at this news.

4. Another 850 smashed by a drunk driver while parked.

5. How do you lower an S60?

6. MVS’s Abscate — MVS Moderator — is right now replacing the clutch in his 2005 V70. Follow his odyssey of learning, working and cursing.

7. MVS member ratchet27 is having a difficult time with his new XC90 V8. But he’s having a problem with it starting and running. Follow his saga here.

8. Was this a thing? Were there any factory options that lowered and/or stiffened the suspension on Volvo 850s, and 1998-2000 S70 and V70s?

9. QOTM and QOTM2

You call it a project: projects are usually DIY.
Hire a mechanic and it’s called a money pit.


I was also gently bashed over the phone by the rep that I’m not qualified for any judgement about hydraulic system design and principles of operation (MSc in Nuclear Engineering is not qualified – my understanding is all Volvo technicians get PhD first before they allowed to turn wrenches).

both in this thread.

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