How to Set up DiCE on a Mac

Here's a wonderful DIY on setting up DiCE on a MacBook Pro. You must use Windows inside a virtual machine to make DiCE work on a Mac.


MVS Volvo Forums Contributor kallekula put together a wonderful DIY on setting up DiCE on a MacBook Pro. Because DiCE runs on Windows, you must use Windows inside a virtual machine to make DiCE work on a Mac.

Volvo’s DiCE set up guide (PDF) … How to buy DiCE as a DIY guy

Finally got myself a DICE unit and just got it installed and working on my Macbook Pro. I thought I would write down the steps I took so it can aid other people (including myself in the future probably) to accomplish this.
Some steps might be unnecessary but this worked for me.

Here’s the rest of kallekula’s post:

Where I Bought DiCE

Bought the VIDA/DICE from here:
Description says that the unit ships with VIDA 2013A but title says 2014. Two weeks after placing the order I received 2014A.


Macbook Pro Late 2008, 8GB RAM, > 40GB Free disc space, MAC OSX 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion)


Parallels Desktop 9 For Mac
Windows 7 PRO SP1 64bit


    1. Verify that the Windows user has admin rights
    2. Set Windows “User Account Control Settings” to “Never notify”
    3. Copy windows/system32/tskill.exe to windows/SysWOW64/tskill.exe
    4. Copy the patch “/read me/VOLVO_VIDA_2014A_Patch.exe” from the DVD and put it on the Desktop
    5. Run VIDA setup. For some reason I couldn’t run the installation from the DVD I received. Got a popup complaining about some “Compinfo.ini” file missing. Solution to this is to copy all contents of the DVD to the C: drive and run it from there (Where you put it is not important). So, browse to your copy’s …\Install\DVD\Vida_dvdheader\Main\. Right click on setup.exe and choose “Run as administrator”
    6. During installation answer “yes”/”next to everything”. Do not modify any suggestions
    7. Restart computer
    8. Run the VOLVO_VIDA_2014A_Patch you copied in step 4 by double clicking on it
    9. Restart computer again
    10. Go to your car and turn key to Pos II. Hookup DICE to Obd2 connector and computer. This is when the driver will be installed and DICE recognized in Windows Device Manager. I’ve watched youtube videos where it looks like the DICE driver is installed automagically when installing VIDA and that’s not the case
    11. Start “Vida All-In-One” and login as “1” (INTL), “2” (AME), …, or “admin”

VIDA/DICE 2014A on a Macbook Pro – Short Guide

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