Shock Talk! And Tires Too

MVS Forum regular NorthernLights talks about choosing bad tires and oversteer(!):Dunlop performance tires

“I have to respectfully disagree about the Koni vs Bilstein, especially the assumption that they are completely incompatible. Which, in the event it is not obvious, are the Koni Sports (in front) and Bilstein HD/B6’s in the back.

Here’s a little presentation from Koni with some good shock dyno data for a direct comparison, albiet for a Honda.

Prior to the tire swap, using sorry looking 205/55R16 Toyo Versado LX’s at 40 psi with the Konis set at full soft, the handling was outstanding. There was slight oversteer near cornering limits, which to me is where handling is best.

This went completely to pot after the rear tire change to the dreaded Ecopias. Again….dumb, dumb, dumb move on my part!”

Shock Talk! And Tires Too: Will 215/50R16 Work?

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