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Should I Stay and Pay or Cut Losses?

Time to Cut Losses?

The Big ETM Decision

should i stay and pay or cut losses?

Volvo ETM path, XeMODeX, or cut and run?

If this replacement will pretty much do it and be the last chapter, I suppose I’m prepared to shell out the money. If this will continue being a stream of mechanic income leaving me with no car, then I’ll just cut my losses and get an older 740. This is my second car ever. I love Volvos, but I’m getting heartbroken by how little of that mythic reliability I’m seeing. I only put about 8K miles on a car each year (I live in NYC and park on the street), am 30 but drive like I’m 70 and just want a safe, reliable car I can respect and be good to which will give me years of service.

Bonus! More on the Volvo 740

The highly successful Volvo 760 GLE was developed and expanded to give birth to the Volvo 740 GLE in 1984. This new Volvo model was a 4-cylinder alternative to the 760.

The Volvo 740 estate car owed its immense success primarily to factors such as its sheer reliability and renowned safety levels.

Over the years, the Volvo 740 was powered by a range of different engines, mostly 4-cylinder in-line units with or without turbochargers, and there were also 6-cylinder diesel variants.

The exterior underwent a minor facelift in autumn 1988 to carry the model into the 1989 model year.

From August 1990, the Volvo 740 was made in parallel with the 940 for two years, after which the latter took over completely from the 740.

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Mike Russo says:

I just did the Xemodex ETM rebuild a month ago and the problem is completely gone. The 2002 V70 non-turbo has 185k miles on it. I am a moderately skilled mechanic and have fixed most things, especially suspension and brakes. I have a few unresolved issues like radio volume that goes up by itself, no rear washer, broken seat back latch, groaning noise when backing up with wheel turned. I have lived with these and a few more niggling problems. I get great hwy mileage, comfy seats, easy to drive. Parts are relatively available, somewhat expensive. Pretty solid car. Much more reliable than my 76 265 wagon, but that car drove well too. Would I buy one again, probably no.

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