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Snow Cables — Too cramped Wheel Wells?

Let’s talk Snow Cables

I have taken the Volvo and have installed cables without issue many time. I just use the SCC snow cables for $23 at Amazon or $50 something every where else and they work fine if installed right, but that goes for any chain. If you are willing to pay the chain guys $20 who cares how difficult it is. I’m not, so I generally don’t take the Volvo.

Will they Fit In My XC’s Wheel Wells?

Bonus! Volvo Facts

  • You may have associated Volvo’s logo with the male symbol, but what you may not know is that it was never designed to resemble it. For centuries, this symbol has been used to represent many different things. Ancient chemists used it as the symbol for iron, and the ancient Romans used it as the symbol for Mars, their god of war. Because Volvo cars are designed with durability, safety, and strength in mind, the company chose this symbol as their logo.
  • Volvo has always put safety first. In the 1950’s, former aerospace engineer Nils Bohlin took his experience designing aircraft ejector seats and used that technology in automobiles. By 1959, Bohlin’s three-point safety belt system rolled out as standard equipment on the Volvo PVS44, which was almost ten years before Former President Lyndon Johnson signed a bill requiring them in every passenger vehicle. Bohlin’s design became the standard for every seat belt on the market today.

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