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Spark Plug Change: A How To

Spark Plug Change

Volvo’s 5 cylinder engines obviously take 5 spark plugs, and the debate rages as always as to whether Bosh Platinums are better than Champion or NGK. I think that matters less than if they are changed regularly, and gapped correctly. Your Volvo will thank you more for that than putting in one brand of spark plugs over another.

The tools you are going to need

  1. 5 new spark plugs
  2. A 5/8 socket – specifically for spark plug use – so it is long enough to fit the plugs. I got one for $3.99 from AutoZone and it goes with a standard ratchet.
  3. The OEM plugs came gapped to the right amount. The right gap is 0.028?. A gapping tool might be required if you use other plugs. It is good to have a gapping tool anyway – they go for about $0.99 at the local auto store.
  4. A T30 Torx head.
  5. … (more)

MVS member adrian asks:

Does enybody know if I need new plugs for my car(volvo 850)94?
I just bought it and is runing little raugh on park or stop /neutral.The vibration and the stearing weel is not normal>After i reach 20mph or 1500rpm it getting better…Is this rugh this car year engine suposed to run?
i cleaned air/tintake /flame arester huses and still rugh.The engine mounts looks good.
second why the abs light came on after I cleared the code on A3 ?how you reset abs light?
Thanks Adrian

Spark Plug Change: A How To

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