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H&R, Eibach, IPD Sport Springs, Koni FSD… Which Combo?

Which struts and springs for a 850? Eibach, Sachs , Boge, H & R , IPD Sport springs , Koni FSD?

MVS member firebrick:

I am shopping for a set of sport springs for my ’94 855t. I am refreshing everything front/rear end …shock mounts, a-arms, inner/outer tie-rods, sway links…you name it. I chose oem Bilsteins on all four corners. And here is what I am looking for in the new springs:

1. lower the wagon for a bit more aggressive stance,
2. better performance all around,
3. and last not least, sacrificing the riding quality as little as possible (…meaning, if I can help it, I don’t want to hear my wife on the passenger seat say “what did you to the car?)

I have been searching and reviewing on past postings/discussions here and other sites on this subject and I find them very confusing. It seems though the opinions are very wide spread and are very hard to refer from any of those discussions. With pairing up with Bilsteins, in your opinion, which brand of Sport Springs will fit my needs?

MVS Contributor Juan62:

While I was in the Military, I bought the car new (US Specs) from Sweden Factory and was delivered to me in Germany. If I’m not mistaken, H & R, Eibach, and Sachs originated from Germany, and those guys there know a thing or three about sport performance enhancement.

For Sachs/Boge combo, Eibach was the best. It lowered my car, stiffer a bit, more handling and control, and still had smooth comfort. In 1999, I went to 225/45/17 tire/wheel combo. It set this Brick off and the Germans loved it… their idea of course. It tucked those tires right under the fender lips, but when completely loaded down (full passengers and suit cases in the truck) it did rub a little in the rears).

Currently, I’ve upgraded to 215/40/18 (43 ET offset) wheel/tire combo, and the stance is even better than before, but same problem when full load capacity. After 13 years, its time for new suspension parts, Struts/Shocks, and Springs upgrades. I’m locked on the Koni FSD, but need more research on H & R or Eibach combo. I’ve considered IPD Sport springs too, but no one has mentioned that Koni FSD are a great match combo. One more thing to add, you also must have good/great tires for this to work. I only buy Michelins, but the new Conti-DSW are great too.

855t: H&R, Eibach or IPD?

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