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Stalling 2001 Volvo S40

If you have a stalling 2001 Volvo S40, check your battery cables.
2001 Volvo S40 2.0 sedan. Photographed in Roseville, New South Wales, Australia in November 2011.
Photo credit via Wikimedia Commons: OSX / Public domain

What’s the cause of this stalling 2001 Volvo S40?

Q: “My daughter has a 2001 S40 Turbo that has a tendency to stall when stopped. At first, the lights around the radio would flash and the car would stall. We took it to a dealer and the only thing they could come up with was to replace the IAC valve. This didn’t solve the problem. Now it stalls when the air conditioning is on and the car is at a stop. Sometimes the car begins to stutter and then the ignition picks up and the car starts to go forward (good thing I had a firm hold on the brake). Other times it just shuts off. Recently the check engine light came on. A code reader indicated P0101, MAF or VAF.”

A: “It turns out the stalling 2001 Volvo S40 was because of the battery cables. They were finally able to duplicate the stalling and saw that there was a drop in current between the battery and the fuse box. Replaced both the positive and negative.”

Don’t forget to check the most basic things first when diagnosing stalling, no-start or rough-running problems, folks! Battery, battery cables, spark plugs, air filter and fuel delivery.

2001 S40 Stalling

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I have a 2001 volvo s40 and want to know where is the boost pressure sensor located.

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