Starla Exhaust Advice & Reviews

I’ve assembled a handful of owner comments about Starla exhausts… notes and observations about Starla purchases by Volvo owners and MVS users like you. See what the Volvo Repair Database has for Volvo replacement exhausts.

Generally, you have a fair number of choices for things like piping: Walker, Bosal, Starla, DEC, Ansa, AP, and Volvo OEM itself. Which of these is the same product branded differently is anyone’s guess at this point, given the global economy we live in.

Among the different pieces of exhaust:

  • Replacement Exhaust Kits
  • Exhaust Manifolds
  • Catalytic Converters & Emissions
  • Mufflers & Resonators
  • Exhaust Pipes
  • Exhaust Tips

… prices and quality vary widely, so spend a minute on the Internet and you can find a deal at the quality level you’re willing to pay for.

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Example muffler prices taken from a topic discussing Volvo 850 muffler fix:

  • Walker $200
  • Bosal $190
  • Starla $225,
  • Volvo $300

Starla Exhaust Comments & Observations

Starla Mufflers

Starla muffler advice – Volvo Forums

Hi Folks: 4 years ago I replaced the muffler assembly on my 1996 non turbo 850 with a Starla part from FCP Groton. Every year I fail my exhaust …Fix a Rusted Exhaust on a Volvo

Starla Pipes

STARLA arrived today. Looks beat up. Are these dings a problem?  …exhaust alternatives 2000 v70 – Volvo Forums

Starla -

RWD Volvos — Starla Header

I have used the Starla stuff on older Volvos in the past, but the one piece exhaust design for the V70 makes shipping an issue… Top …1989 240DL Exhaust Header – Volvo Forums

Exhaust Header -

Starla Muffler for a 2004 2.5T AWD XC90

What I found indicates Volvo and Starla # 3514976 fits 86-93 242/ 244 and 86-93 245. So are you saying that the ’89 240DL is …2004 2.5T AWD XC90 Muffler Replacement – Volvo Forums

OEM Volvo Muffler vs. 3rd Party

Muffler is tricky business. Although Walker, Starla are good names, nothing matches the Volvo OEM muffler. It all depends how long you want to …What did you do to your Volvo today? (now Sticky) – Page 183

I think her Starla exhaust (?) rumbles at idle but is quieter on highway/ motorway / Pike/ freeway/ Autbahn/DeathRace NJ, but that’s got no data …exhaust fiberglass and rust – what to replace? – Volvo Forums

OEM Volvo Muffler vs. 3rd Party w/ Lifetime Warranty

FCP sells a Starla muffler (well reviewed on fcp) for only $84 less than “Genuine Volvo”. Not worth it if truly inferior, except for the fcp lifetime …2000 V70 New muffler recommendation – Volvo Forums

I went with Starla brand $205 here. Fit great and closest to OEM I could find …FCP Volvo Exhaust Group Buy (Discount Pricing) – Volvo Forums

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