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Step-by-step Tutorial Replacing Head Gasket: Volvo 5-cyl

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This is a link to an outstanding step-by-step tutorial on replacing the head gasket on a Volvo 5-cylinder engine. This is one of the best tutorials on anything Volvo that I’ve seen anywhere.

I was frustrated that there wasn’t “more” info out there about this job, and figured why not do it myself since I was doing the repair myself.

— Tracy, tutorial author

Head Gasket: Volvo 5-cyl

Excellent head gasket replacement tutorial

NOTE: This is the epic HG writeup from Tracy’s True Soaps website, which is gone forever now. I pulled it down before the site went dark, and have permission from the owner to post it. The links above are changed, and correct.


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22 thoughts on “Step-by-step Tutorial Replacing Head Gasket: Volvo 5-cyl

  1. Trying to find the best tutorial to fix a blown head gasket on a 2002 Volvo c70. I have replaced a head gasket on a 94 Honda accord. Never worked on a Volvo. Scale of 1- 10 how hard?

  2. Just perused your self made repair guide for a new head gasket, I am impressed! My wife has a 2006 xc 90 with a 2,5 without turbo. I need to install a reman head. Would these Instructions work for that? If so, do you have any advice on how to time the motor since it is a completely new head? Any advice would be helpful as you seem knowledgable in these volvos! Thanks.

  3. I got my Volvo (2004) from my wealthy (school teacher) daughter, and after paying almost $600 for a trailer hitch, and now facing a new head gasket, this retired rf/microwave tech realises that he had better go buy a chevy… Good article tho….

  4. Vuyelwa Matanga says:

    My volvo s60 2.4T 2002 model tiptronic is mixing water and oil only on the radiator. The oil cap and the dip stick is clean I suspect that the head gasket is blown. do I have to skeem my top to replace a head gasket 0739539397 is my sms line I need to prepare my self so that I can take it to panel beaters

  5. Aloha,
    Well, I will definitely be donating to your cause. I haven’t started my son’s 95′ 850 GLT na; just gathering information and parts. My question to you Sir is; what were your oil change intervals? Now with the passing of time, what would you have done different if anything?
    In closing,give there is no question the head bolts are stretch bolts, (one time use); are you sure your replacement head bolts,( shown in your tutorial) were from the same manufacturer, as I have seen Febi’s and Reinz with different flange thicknesses new out of the box.
    Aloha and Mahalo,

  6. exhaust leaks
    Motor runs great but I have a nasty exhaust leak, before I pull the manifold off I’ll was wondering if you replaced your exhaust studs and nuts? At 25 Nm I have a lot of air blowing out the bottom of two and three.

  7. I am very glad that this tutorial has helped so many people. That is exactly why I did it, and it feels very rewarding to know it may have helped others save a lot of money like I did.

  8. GOOOD job you made it possible for a truck driver to get-r-done. Not only am I interested in tutorial but would like to know more about your soap. I’d be interested in your next Volvo project too. Thanks again Jim

  9. thank you for taking the time to share this information with everyone. for it seems like the volvo people wants us to buy their cars but don;t want us to know how to work on them. my wifes s70 has a blown head gasket the shops are asking from 1200 to 1500 hundred bucks to fix it and install new timing belt. but thanks to your information and me having experence of working on american cars im going to fix our volvo and save some money. if you have any more instructions comments or ideals please add me to the list to recieve them thanks again.jerry

  10. i am a novice this is the best i have ever read i am half way through doing this entire job .i have found it easy with this guide . very much appeciated thank you.

  11. Fantastic Work Tracey! It helped me to feel comfortable buying a car with a blown head gasket. It will be my first “real” engine tear-down. The ones in shop don’t really count.

  12. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks so much for the 850 head gasket exchange instructions. I would like to be on email list for any other volvo ideas you may have. I have volvos all the way back to the 140 series. Thanks again KEvin

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