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Strange Volvo Photo

Thoughts on this Strange Volvo Photo ?

Strange Volvo Photo

Straight from the MVS WTF Image Department Archives… comes… this. Ever tried to bicycle in sand? And what’s with the giant watermark logo, in the center of the photo?

DID YOU KNOW? These Swedes take coffee seriously.

?That pride in Sweden extends to some of the country’s other products. Swedes drink more coffee per capita than almost anyone else (it keeps them awake during the long, dark winter). The mid-afternoon fika coffee break is otherwise-industrious Sweden’s version of the Spanish siesta.

Volvo is so enthusiastic about its hometown’s best-known coffee roaster, Da Matteo, that it flies a couple of baristas and a lot of coffee beans to major international auto shows and passes out joe on press days. There’s a lot to get your attention at an auto show, but even jaded attendees will agree that Volvo brews the best cup.

Consumers seem to think the same, even though the coffee served at your local dealer probably came from a Keurig cup. Sales are way up this year, buoyed by the brand’s hot XC90 (admittedly, its other models aren’t fairing quite as well). A host of new products are on the way, and for once Volvo has something to sell other than safety.

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