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Let’s talk rear suspension transverse anchor mounts!

Thanks, new member, wooded for this write-up. Dealing with the Rear Suspension Transverse Anchorage Mount on an 850/early 70 series Volvo can be unnerving but it can be done. Here is a write up on how to replace the mounts.

wooded wrote:

I recently found out my transverse / delta link anchorage mount on the rear end was broken. This is the bracket that holds the opposite end of the rear axle and allows the rear tires to be aligned. There are 3 bolts holding this on, 2 vertical 14mm and 1-18mm horizontal. The vertical nut and bolts allow alignment, while the horizontal holds the anchorage to the end of the axle/delta link.


There were no write-ups or anything here or in Hayes, so here is my experience with my 850 wagon with 180k.

  1. the vertical hardenned bolts are dissimilar metal to the mount and were fused in. Heating, impacting, penetrating oil and head tourqing had no effect. I eventually snapped the heads (on top) 14 mm. First drill next to the hardenned bolt thru the anchorage from below to attempt a punch release of the bolt. it is not threaded. I then used a sawzall to cut the bottom half of the anchorage mount. I then punched to release the tail end so I could get some space in between the delta housing and the casted anchoage mount. With the use of a dremel, i cut the bolt heads so the old mount could slide out. My front half eye part of the mount had broken off so I could slide it out. If yours is not, you will need to remove the 18mm end bolt first. I then cut off the rubber sleeve with metal housing off the axle/ delta link end with my dremel.
  2. with the opposite outside wheel side of the car supported, I lowered the tire onto blocks forcing that opposite side(the mount you are removing) of the axle to move down to allow for a better angle to reach the horizontal bolt head. The axle/delta can move quite a bit.

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Rear Suspension Transverse Anchorage Mount

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