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What Makes a PTC Valve Work?

I always wondered what was inside the PTC valve and how it worked electrically, so I decided to take apart one of the ones I harvested from the junkyard a few months ago.

I removed the rubber bushing by prying it up and off. Then I used a hacksaw to slice down one side of the main PTC tube. While I was sawing the last bit of the side, when the blade dug into the bottom piece it popped off. The bottom piece is also copper and was soldered onto the copper tube.

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Project: Volvo S70 Rear Camshaft Seal Replacement

If you have an oil leak that appears to be leaking down as if it’s the Rear Main Seal, but it’s not and has you stumped it might be your rear camshaft seal. This write-up with pictures explains what you have to do to fix this leak at very minimal cost. Don’t take a mechanic’s or dealer’s word for it that you need your rear main seal replaced at mega bucks when this $10 fix might be all that it is. Thanks lewismug for the great write-up!