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Volvo Seatbelt Release Tab: It Exists

Although I have swapped seats between vehicles, it was not until very recently that I learned of the “seatbelt release tab”. I do not believe it has been mentioned previously in any of the seat-related posts I have read on this forum. I discovered it courtesy of Bob Elwood’s seat recovering directions. It is present on the V70, but alas, I do not believe on the 850. Instead of removing the seatbelt anchoring torx bolt, one simply has to depress a small nub with a screwdriver to slide the seatbelt strap out of its connection point on the seat. This miraculous device saves lots of time and frustration since there is precious little room to swing a wrench to get the seatbelt off otherwise.

If you are removing seats in a V70, this little latch can save you quite a bit of time and frustration.