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Volvo XC90 – Why you love yours!

Long term update – my XC90 just turned over the 100K mark over the Thanksgiving holidays. My kid thought I was nuts as I pulled over to take a picture of the odometer at night.

So I bought the car with 36K miles and was very worried about the tranny issues I kept hearing about. Well, it’s been over 64K miles now and we haven’t has any issue mechanically (knock on wood).

The only thing that cost real money was the stereo amp! I had to replace that at a “discounted” cost of $800. Everything else has been regular maintenance.

To top it off, I now get 20.5mpg pretty regularly. This is better then when I first got the car. Who woulda figured? The main thing I would change about the car? I wish it had an integrated iPhone / iPod jack.

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XC90 Advice on Purchase Needed

This one has very low miles, but accordingly is a bit pricy for an ’04. It is 2.5T but doesn’t say if it is AWD–something we neither want or need in our climate, so FWD is the first criteria. We plan to look at it tomorrow morning just to see if the entrance/egress is good for our senior selves.