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This Vadis look legit?

Does this Vadis look legit?

I paid around $60 several years ago and got a VADIS (single CD) that appeared to have been an actual Volvo produced CD. I have found it to be an invaluable resource. Not sure what the seller is talking about with “setting the date back on your computer”. I don’t recall having to do that upon installation and I don’t have to do that each time I have run the program since.

You could look at it as a moderately inexpensive gamble. If it’s legit, it would be a great deal – if not, then you’re only out (what was it with shipping?) about $25 or so.

That being said, I usually avoid sellers with low numbers of transactions even with a 100% satisfaction rating. Not that they aren’t good sellers with good products but it just gives me more comfort in perhaps taking a risk if, for instance, they have 99.X% satisfaction with 1000 or more transactions.

This Vadis look legit?

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