Tightening up the Turbo Waste Gate ?

Wastegate Settings – Numbers and Theory

The idea here is to assure the wastegate valve remains closed until the wastegate experiences the preset pressure in the VADIS doc above. Anything higher than the Vadis pressure and the wastegate valve shoud move/open.

I have a magnetic dial gauge I use to monitor the wastegate valve action but if you look closely you can see it as the pressure rises to the correct amount. The rod end is usually bigger than the shaft it goes on. I leave off the retaining pin and watch the slack disappear while I add the pressure. I then go and recheck my findings with the dial guage. I want to kow what pressure it opens at. It should open just above the vadis setting. So if yours is 2psi then by 2.25 psi your valve should have moved.

Tightening up the Turbo Waste Gate ?

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