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Timing Belt Change

Let’s talk Timing Belt Change

Anyway, I spent all day yesterday on just getting parts off of the timing area. The water pump, idler pulley and tensioner was easy- the hard one was the tensioner pulley…the 25T Torx (some claim it’s actually a T27) is easy to strip and you need the right parts to get it out. On my sedan, at 190K+ miles it had never been changed so I needed it replaced.

I have an “L” shaped torx tool from Autozone and an assortments of bits (you can try holding this on w/ an 8mm wrench) as well as a couple of Torx sockets. Most of the ones sold are too long and you can’t get the socket w/ a ratchet in the small space.

Harbor Freight sells a 3 set Torx socket set for changing out brake component on Fords…it’s a bit shorter and will fit and is made of good quality steel so if you’re going to go that route, I’d say this is a good way to do it, but you’ll need to wedge something in between the end of your ratchet and the fender to get some torque on it.

file - Timing Belt Change
Serpentine belt removal tool I put together with common plumbing parts- worked very well, btw!

Timing Belt Change

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