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Timing Belt Tensioner How To?

Let’s talk Timing Belt Tensioner

  1. Insure that the center tensioner mounting screw is snug and the eccentric (or the allen shaped hole in the eccentric to be exact) is at the 10 O’Clock position
  2. Using the allen wrench, move the eccentric clockwise (which will move the needle (C) to the right). If I recall correctly, if you keep moving it clockwise it will stop and go no further when the needle is at about the 2 O’Clock position.
  3. Once the needle is to the right of the window (B) then you may move it back counter-clockwise so that the needle enters the window (B) from the right side and stop at the correct position as show in the diagram for the ambient temperature. If you go too far to the left, start over again at step 1.
  4. When the needle is in the correct position, hold the eccentric immoble with the allen wrench while tightening the tensioner’s center mounting screw per the spec.

Timing Belt Tensioner How To?

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