Troubleshoot A Dead Volvo 5-cyl Engine

Tips on Finding the Problem on White Engines

  • Pull the head and inspect before doing any other plotting and planning.
  • If the problem were to be rusty or stuck valves then the fix is easy.
  • The cam sensor is different on Denso with different reluctor and the cam I believe to different on rear where the Denso reluctor mounts.
  • You can’t run CVVT unplugged, the cam will still vary a bit.

Testing procedures on Volvo 5-cyl engines

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  1. I have a Volvo 5 cyl S 70 conv with 116,000 miles. It recently started to burn water as there is occasional white smoke from exhaust and radiator gets drained.. I dont see leaks so am assuming its a head gasket. I have done engine work in the past and have some tools. Do u think this is the problem and could an amateur could change the head gasket. Are there any SPECIAL tools needed… any help would be appreciated

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