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Troubleshoot Auto Volvo Climate Control

Auto Volvo Climate Control

What’s wrong with my volvo climate control!

The Auto Volvo climate control function automatically controls temperature, air conditioning, blower speed, recirculation and air distribution.
If you select one or more manual functions, the other functions continue to be controlled automatically. The air quality sensor is engaged and all manual settings are switched off when AUTO is pressed.

  • The display shows AUTO CLIMATE.
  • Blower speed in automatic mode can be set under Volvo Climate Control settings Automatic blower adjustment.
  • Choose between Low, Normal or High.

Selecting the lowest blower speed may increase the risk of fog forming on the windows.

MVS Forum Member AP asks:

I got a 2000 S70 GLT with the Automatic AC or ECC I think it’s called. When I start the car the AC control panel flashes for 20 sec indicating something is wrong with it. The AC blows cool air but when it’s in the “AUT’ mode it can’t regulate the fan speed or the temp anymore! What has gone wrong and how expensive would it be to repair? I don’t trust a VOLVO dealer to troubleshoot and repair it, I’m sure they will overcharge me as usual!

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan replied:

At least your fan works so this shouldn’t be too expensive unless it’s the A/C evaporator….God forbid 😈 . The fuse for the ECC is #31 (under the hood- 25amp) check it to make sure it’s not blown first. It probably isn’t.

I suspect a Rheostat needs to be replaced by your description, but I may be wrong. If it does, it involves replacing a socketed sensor that the blower is plugged into, and requires taking your glove box, knee bloster and airbag cover off to get to, but it’s not very expensive and you can do this yourself. Anyway, to make sure (and of course it could be something else entirely) let’s do some diagnostics.

Your ECC (Electronic Climate Control) stores diagnostic trouble codes and displays them by the flashing lights that you noticed. To find out what the codes are do this:

  1. Ingition ON, position I or II.
  2. Wait approx. 3 seconds.
  3. Ignition OFF
  4. Ignition ON again.
  5. Wait for .5 seconds (or rather don’t wait at all). If a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is stored, the indicator LED will flash once. Only start pressing the bottons (explained below) after the flashing.
  6. Press in the REC button 2 times within the following 2.5 seconds.

You will get a set of blinking lights in groups of 3 (ie: 2blinks, pause, 3blinks, pause and 1blink….long pause indicating 2-3-1 DTC, etc.) The long pause of 5 second is before the ECC unit give you the next code, if there is more than one problem. You need to write down everyone of these trouble codes. Once you get the same code again, you’ve gone through all of the trouble codes stored in your system and you can stop.

Now, you want to erase the DTS’s (you have to go through all of them for them to be erased, so be patient) Follow the procedure above, but instead of 2 pushes, push the REC button 4 times (very quickly- within 2.5 seconds). Now the codes should be erased, and you would get code 1-1-1 (which means no codes are stored) if you tried the first procedure again .

Troubleshoot Auto Climate Control Prob

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Jim Partlow says:

a/c compressor runs but only getting hot air from defroster vents only

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