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Turbo Control Valve and its Correct Hosing Routing

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TCV Vacuum Hose Routing De-Confusement

I have searched for TCV diagram for my 95 Volvo 850 T5 but getting confused with these 2 diagrams. When i look at both of my cars the wastegate actuator has been marked yellow and also the vacumm hose has a yellow sticker on it. That makes sense if i follow the frist diagram, yellow line will go to the top port of TCV but! the second diagram showing the wastegate vacumm hose must run to the buttom port of TCV. So, this making me confused which diagram should i follow?

TCV diagrams confusion. Please suggest!


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One thought on “Turbo Control Valve and its Correct Hosing Routing

  1. If your having trouble with opening and closing the hood on a 2000 volvoxc70,put a velcro strip (1×1) on the original pads there are 2 of them.It should eliminate adjusting the hood opening cable.

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